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Soon we hope to address some legal fundamentals. We regularly see people on social media platforms providing legal advise. Oftentimes these individuals have little or no legal training and the advice comes from something that they read or heard. While these individuals are probably well-meaning the advice can be dangerous. This is not because it is necessarily wrong. The problem is that is incomplete and insufficient.

To begin with, we are hoping to generate something akin to “Law for dummies” or Law 101″ that will seek to deal with legal problems that people face and basic steps to follow to assist you therein. We would also look at legal principals and phrases that are bandied around but seldom properly understood.

In future, we may look at some more complex issues and how the law or laws have been interpreted in specific situations. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. We will be starting off slowly and dealing with elementary yet foundational matters. Hopefully we will grow together in this pursuit.

Should you have any questions or issues that you would want us to address, please feel free to communicate your suggestions to us.

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