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Raymond Francois Hauptfleisch

Raymond Hauptfleisch discovered his passion for law later than some, but he’s always had a passion for helping people solve their problems and right the wrongs done to them. This has given him a unique perspective on legal services that is far more client-orientated than many other lawyers or attorneys who came to the profession earlier in their lives.

The upshot is that clients benefit from an entirely personalised approach, no matter what problem drives them to find a lawyer, from sexual harassment and wrongful termination to divorce settlements and representation in criminal cases.

Raymond’s background is as diverse as it is eclectic. He’s practiced as a minister for well over a decade, which has allowed him to hone essential lawyer’s skills; such as oration, confidentiality and mediation.

He’s taught at private and public schools and has experience in human resources management, which gives him practical insight into employment or labour law and makes him an ideal advocate for both businesses and employees requiring a lawyer’s expertise.

As far as his experience as a lawyer goes, he’s worked at various law firms, offering services in debt collection, civil and criminal representation and family law, including marriage contracts and divorce settlements. He’s also been a legal advisor for one of the biggest insurance companies in South Africa and has offered consultation services to various businesses, small and large, in the country.

His qualifications include:
  • BA from the University of Pretoria
  • BTh (Hons) from Rhodes University
  • PGCE from UNISA
  • BComm (HRM) from MANCOSA
  • LLB from UNISA

He’s currently completing his LLM from UNISA, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Commercial Law from the same institution.

With Raymond’s passion driving the firm, RFH INC offers a vast range of affordable and personal lawyer’s services in Pretoria and Johannesburg, including estate planning, real estate or property law, discrimination and personal injury. Contact RFH INC and find a lawyer with personal touch.

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