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Legal Services and Advice

When you need help with a legal matter, you don’t just want someone who’s an expert in the law – you also want a lawyer who will take the time to understand your problem and provide you with personalised services and advice. Raymond Francois Hauptfleisch Incorporated (RFH INC) specialises in law with a personal touch. Whether you’re a private individual, a small business or a major corporation, our wide range of legal services ensures that no matter what your problem, we can help you.Contact us to find out more about the services on offer; a taste of which includes:

Various disciplines of South
African Law

contract law, employment and labour law, property law, estate planning, family law, civil law and criminal law, business rescue, company law, debt collection, divorce law, firearm law, immigration law, sequestration law and liquidation law.

Criminal Law

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law and you need a good defence attorney to represent you at criminal proceedings, our lawyers will help you present your case and ensure that your right to a fair trial is upheld.


Our criminal legal services include:

• Bail applications • Representation at trial • Appeal of convictions and sentences Read More...  

Civil Law

Civil law encompasses a vast variety of disputes between individuals, businesses and individuals and businesses. Our attorneys specialise in a range of civil legal services and are able to provide representation at Magistrates’ and High Courts.

  Some of our civil law services include: • Debt collection • Divorce

• Delictual claims, e.g., medical negligence, motor vehicle accidents, interdicts, spoliation orders and contracts. Read More...


Labour Law

Labour law in South Africa can be a minefield for employers, employees and labour unions. RFH INC provides extensive labour law services for anyone who has anything to do with the employment sector. Our aim is to protect the rights of employers and employees through professional representation and by providing expert legal advisory and consulting services.

Some of our labour-related legal services to employers, employees and labour unions include:

• Policies and procedures • Contracts and conditions of employment • Collective agreements • Disciplinary hearings • Dispute resolution and conflict management • BEE and equity • Compliance • Unfair dismissals • Unfair labour practices • Discrimination • Retrenchments Read More...

Property Law

Real estate property owners, tenants and bodies corporate are bound by certain laws in South Africa; laws which are best understood when interpreted by one of our lawyers.

  Our property law services include: • Legal administration of managing and letting a property • Determining policies and procedures • Debt collection • Creating rental and lease agreements • Enforcing rental and lease agreements  

Estate Law

The importance of having a will is not to be underestimated. You decide how you want to divide your assets among your relatives and friends, and we’ll draw up the proper legal documents. If you’re not sure how to go about creating your last will and testament, don’t worry; we’ll provide you with expert advice on estate planning. This includes the devolution of the estate; a complex process involving duties and taxes, beneficiaries, legacies and setting up a liquidation and distribution account. An attorney is your best bet to sort out the red tape, especially during the difficult period of mourning.

  Family Law

RFH INC can help you with a wide range of family law matters, which include engagements, marriage and divorce and parenting. Some of the specialised family law services provided by our lawyers include divorce mediation and settlement agreements and drawing up marital contracts, including antenuptial and postnuptial contracts.

Read More...  

This list of services is by no means exhaustive, so contact us today to get more information on our affordable legal services.

Business rescue, eg., rescue-worthy test and implementation of business rescue plan.  Company law, eg.,  registration of new companies and contractual disputes. Debt collection, eg., initiating legal debt collection processes and filing and applications .  Divorce law, eg., mediation services and division of assets. • Firearm law, eg., appeal against denied licences. • Immigration law, eg., visa applications and work visa compliance. • Sequestration law, eg., guide you through compulsary and friendly sequestration applications and appeal for rehabilitation. • Liquidation law, eg., negotiations with creditors and wind up the company.
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