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How We Can Help You

• Assess your financial situation to determine if voluntary sequestration (voluntary surrender of assets) is the right course of action.
• Lodge an appeal against a compulsory sequestration if other options are available.
• Help you and a concerned friend lodge a ‘friendly’ compulsory sequestration application.
• Post advertisements of your sequestration in the Government Gazette and other media.
• Navigate the sequestration process, including drawing up an ability statement, presenting your case to the court, and liaising with the curator to distribute funds equitably.
• Lodge an appeal for rehabilitation after sequestration.
Plan for a financially responsible, solvent future.

Sequestration law in South Africa can be intimidating if you don’t have the right help to guide you through the process. RFH INC has attorneys who will help you through both voluntary and compulsory sequestration procedures, and help you meet the requirements of the order of sequestration.

RFH INC can also help you create a financial plan to help you pass through the insolvent barrier and emerge as a rehabilitated, responsible and solvent person ready to resume life with a clean slate.

Once you’ve reached that point, we can help you with your rehabilitation application after sequestration, so that the courts in South Africa can legally restore your financial status.

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