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How We Can Help You:

• Determine if your business’s circumstances qualify for a liquidation order in terms of the Companies Act.
• Ensure all the legal requirements for liquidation are met.
• Manage the liquidation process, including negotiating with creditors, setting up meetings with the court appointed liquidator, and negotiating terms with the liquidator.
• Determine secured creditors from preferred creditors.

Wind up your company while keeping everyone’s best interests at heart.
It’s not an easy decision to enter into liquidation, but when your company is insolvent, liquidation may be your only choice. RFH INC can help you throughout the liquidating process, and can also determine if it is, indeed, the correct course of action.

It may be that your company is merely facing insolvency, in which case RFH INC can help you with rehabilitation services designed to get your business back on track.

Contact RFH INC for all voluntary and compulsory insolvency and liquidation enquiries.

Call 012 753 9385 or 011 483 1527/8 Today,
For a No-obligation Appointment.

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