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What We Can Tell You:

• Which firearms are legal for self-defence
• Which firearms are legal for hunting
• Which firearms are legal for business purposes
• What type of licence best suits your needs
• Whether you qualify for a restricted firearm
• The laws for carrying firearms in public, or carrying a concealed firearm
• Why an application was refused and whether you stand a chance with an appeal
• How to lodge an appeal

RFH INC can answer any other questions you have regarding firearm law, including criminal matters.

The right to own and carry firearms is outlined in the Constitution of South Africa. Firearm law, however, can be complicated, especially when it comes to the types of firearms individuals, hunters and businesses are allowed to own and what is required to obtain a firearm licence.

RFH INC can help you navigate the process to improve your chances of a successful application and to help you appeal the grounds against which your application has been refused.

Contact RFH INC if you have any questions regarding the legal aspects of applying for a firearm licence, the criminal implications of illegal firearm use, and which firearms are legal for private individuals, hunters and businesses.

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