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Our Services Include:

• Advice regarding spouse and child maintenance payments, including calculating maintenance and financial support, negotiating maintenance and submitting applications for maintenance orders.
• Filing application claims for interim maintenance (Rule 43).
• Assistance claiming spousal and child maintenance payments from defaulters.
• Assistance if you fall into arrears with your maintenance payments.
• Assistance to over-18-year-olds who still require child maintenance and support.
• Assistance if you need to increase or reduce maintenance payments for your spouse or child.
• Assistance claiming maintenance from a deceased spouse/partner’s estate.
• Representation in maintenance court.
• Assistance with all maintenance-related forms, including Application for Maintenance Order, Substitution or Discharge of existing Maintenance, subpoenas, Consent and Maintenance Order, Order by Default and Notice, Application for Variation/Setting Aside of an Order by Default, and Warrant of Execution Against Property.
• Assistance working out child custody agreements and parent plans in line with family law and with all parties’ best interests at heart.
• Adoption laws, including adoption for same sex couples.
• Assistance obtaining a protection order.
• Assistance should the protection order be breached.
• Arbitration and mediation for all manner of family law-related matters.
• Advice, information and representation for grandparents, fathers, mothers, siblings and legal guardians in all aspects of family law, including child custody, spousal maintenance, divorce, marriage and protection against domestic violence.
• High Court and Maintenance Court litigation.

When you’re going through a difficult time and need help navigating any aspect of family law, empathy, sensitivity and compassion are just as important as legal expertise. RFH INC ticks both boxes with experienced family law attorneys who emphasise your family’s dignity and wellbeing, as well as your legal rights.

Contact RFH INC for compassionate family law lawyers who will help you deal with child maintenance and spousal support issues, and other sensitive matters, including domestic abuse, custody battles, visitation rights, and adoption and surrogate parental cases.

Call 012 753 9385 or 011 483 1527/8 Today,
For a No-obligation Appointment.

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