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Our Divorce Services Include:

• Advice regarding divorce for all types of marriages, including civil unions, civil marriages and religious marriages.
• Mediation services for uncontested divorces.
• Legal advice and consultation for contested divorces.
• Drawing up settlement agreements and parenting plans to the benefit of all parties caught up in divorce, especially children.
• Working out the division of assets upon the dissolution of all types of marriage, including marriage in community or property, marriage out of community of property.
• Drafting anti-nuptial contracts.
• Taking care of all admin related to divorce procedures, including paperwork, summons, pleadings, discovery of documents, pre-trial conference, counterclaims, and trial and judgement.
• Negotiating spousal support and alimony payments, and child support following divorce.
Representation in court.

Divorce law in South Africa is fairly straight forward, but that doesn’t mean you should tackle divorce proceedings on your own, especially if you have a lot of property and children that need to be protected and taken care of.

RFH INC lawyers are experienced in all matters of divorce law, from legal separation, counselling to determine if the marriage has irretrievably broken down, filing for divorce, and representation in court.

At RFH INC, we know that even though you’re getting divorced, it doesn’t mean you don’t put your family first. We aim to see you through your divorce with the minimum of emotional – and financial – cost.

Call 012 753 9385 or 011 483 1527/8 Today,
For a No-obligation Appointment.

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