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What We Offer:

• Advice regarding the feasibility of the legal debt collecting process.
• A look at alternative debt collection methods.
• Initiating the legal process to collect debts owed to you.
• Debtor notification via registered letter of demand – so debtors are aware of the impending legal action.
• Filing a summons with particulars of claim with the Magistrate’s Court or High Court.

Filing applications for an Emolument Attachment Order (EAO) or Garnishee Order.

If you’ve been patient with a debtor but are tired of hearing tired excuses for non-payment, contact RFH INC for professional Debt Collection services.

As attorneys, RFH INC can institute legal debt collection proceedings so that you get your money back without infringing on debtors’ rights.
RFH INC works with creditors and debtors so that amicable agreements can be reached. If an agreement can’t be reached, then rest assured that your debt collection is in capable hands.

Call 012 753 9385 or 011 483 1527/8 Today,
For a No-obligation Appointment.

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