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What We Offer:

• Assistance with all 3 stages of civil litigation, namely:
o Pre-litigation
o Litigation
o Post-litigation
• Preliminary enquiries
• Establish cause of action – basis of the civil case
• Determine grounds to sue – right to file a civil lawsuit
• Exchange of documents (pleadings)
• Compliance with civil court rules and civil proceedings
• Deliver a plea, special plea or counterclaim
• Pre-trial pleadings, including discovery of documents and conference with defendant’s (or plaintiff’s) attorneys

Post-litigation proceedings, including enforcement of judgement and determination of costs

Civil litigation encompasses a range of services, including debt collection, dispute resolution, breach of contract, personal injury, and eviction orders, and much more. Civil suits can be complicated, but with the right attorney you can safely navigate the legal waters of South Africa’s High Courts and Magistrate Courts.

Whether you need to file an application or defend yourself against a civil lawsuit; or whether you’re looking for damages as the result of a criminal offence, you need legal expertise.
Contact RFH INC and get the personal justice you’re looking for.

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