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What We Offer:

  • Business rescue-worthy test to see if your company will benefit from the business recovery process.
  • Legal and business assistance through the business rescue procedure, including:
    • Supervision of business affairs and property.
    • Structured payment plan for creditors.
    • Structured plan to save employees’ jobs.
    • Structured plan to allow the business to continue trading.
    • A moratorium on legal proceedings and liquidation procedures during the business rescue process.
    • Debt recovery plan to reduce debt burden
  • Implementation and management of the business rescue plan.

Business rescue services are becoming more popular in South Africa as all invested parties realise that there is more to be gained from turning a financially distressed company rather than filing for bankruptcy or going into administration and liquidation. Accredited business rescue practitioners are coming into their own as they can assess whether a company can benefit from a structured recovery plan, and can develop and implement that plan by restructuring business affairs, property, debt, and liabilities.

Contact RFH INC to see if your company has a shoot at recovery.

Even a slight delay can mean the difference between a turnaround for your business in the next months or insolvency and failure.!
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